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Every once in a while when doing a bounty, it just does not match me up with anyone else. I can see it doing this on the vanilla maps and even the Cetus bounties now, but i just cant imagine that there is not a single other person looking to do the bounty i am in this new content.

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I'm having severe problems with Fortuna bounty matchmaking.  On a regular basis, I have to wait 4-5 minutes before even a single other person shows up.  Some bounties start with a first stage of exterminate which starts immediately upon zoning in - so you CAN'T wait.  Even if you do wait, 4-5 minutes of doing nothing is a huge waste of time.  It can't be for lack of players - I'm on PS4 and Fortuna is less than a week old.  Plus even months after release, Cetus bounties are active and healthy.

If I zone into Orb Vallis without a bounty, I immediately get matchmade.  But you never know what other people want to do, and most of the time, if I go to the bounty vendor and grab something, it doesn't pass voting and half the squad leaves.

It's not open world bounties in general - despite far less activity in Cetus/Plains, I always wind up with a full squad before I can even load into the Plains for any bounty level.  Something with the ability to get bounties after you enter the Vallis has utterly wrecked the ability to matchmake for a specific bounty level.

I think I've managed to matchmake successfully when entering solo only 3-4 times in the past week, and in one of those cases the squad was plagued by repeatable insta-failures on the first stage.  It doesn't seem to be much of a problem getting a 4th rando if my clanmates are on and we enter as a squad of 3, plus it seems that after 5 minutes, once I get a second person on my squad the 3rd and 4th show up quickly, but again - waiting 5 minutes for people to show up sucks, and shouldn't be happening in brand new content when older content has absolutely no problem whatsoever.

Edit:  Only twice have I zoned in to a full squad doing the bounty.  BOTH times I had a persistent "Voting on mission" screen where I was the only one who had voted for the mission - but clearly everyone in the squad was doing the mission.

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