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Permanent ability jams - Fortuna


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Not sure if this a bug or not, I hope it is because it is not pleasant at all... but when getting hit by one of those ability jammers in Orb Vallis, sometimes it permanently jams one or even ALL of my abilities at once. Can't get rid of it even after leaving far away from enemy base. Sometimes my operator mode is jammed as well. And once when it happened I couldn't use roll and the slow motion during jump aim-dive wasn't working. 

Tried taking out the K-drive once when it happened and it fixed it... only once though, the other times the permanent jams stuck no matter what I did.

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Still a problem. Bump. 

Still happens when I get hit by one of those ability jammers in the corpus bases in orb vallis fortuna, all of my abilities get permanently jammed for hours until I end the mission. This happens quite often, everytime I go in. Cannot get my abilities back by getting far far away from the enemy base (even into the skies), cannot undo by jumping in water, cannot undo by getting on hoverboard, cannot undo by getting on archwing, cannot undo by typing /unstuck. My abilities are 'X'd out with the red circles and when I try to activate them they tell me my abilities are jammed by the jamming and the blue room jammer lights pop up with the jammer sound everytime i try to activate the x'd abilities, even when far away from enemy base.

Last time this happened I was playing with Nekros prime, but it happens with all the frames i've tried playing so far. Full squad, haven't solo'ed orb vallis toroid bases yet. Any1 else having this problem?????


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