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[Suggestion/Idea] Damage improvement


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Hello! (Disclaimer: My english is bad 😄 I hope to make myself understood)
I've been thinking about the canceled Damage 2.0 and I agree with the cancellation of those changes. But I kept thinking that Impact and Puncture has no real advantage, and the effect or "usefulness" they have are not considerable.

I imagined that Impact could do critical damage when you do a headshot and the shot made Impact damage (or even instant kill with the head blowing up because it's Impact and it represents a huge hit).
Impact could be improved with a 10% chance (for example) of impacting/blow an enemy head when doing the headshot, on top of the current Impact effect when hitting the enemy in other part of his body. So this effect is rare, but when you get it, you get a satisfying and fun headshot explosion + instakill. This will also focus your gameplay when using Impact weapons, because you will focus on doing more headshots or trying to hit the heads with Fragor for example (if you want the extra possible damage). So you will make a conscious decision when building and choosing to play with that weapon (or you can play like always and not worry about that).

Puncture could progressively deteriorate the enemy shields and/or armor, as it "punctures" or "perforate" things. That way the name and the damage type would make sense and it will be useful.

Hope this brings some ideas!

Thanks for reading!


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