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Void Ninja/Caster?


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I want to start this post off by saying generally I find all aspects of Warframe as a game fun and rewarding. As a new player it was easy for me to set goals which led to hours of fun while attempting to reach those goals. Cetus was pretty amazing, and added a lot to the overall experience while initially unlocking the star map. Its nice to know that you can load into a large section of a planet once in awhile. Finding out what I truly was, was a very moving moment for me..yo...*slow clap*(Bravo, Bravo). Its been almost a year now and equipped with the knowledge of what the Warframe universe is, I'm left w/ hopeful wonder for what the future DE has envisioned for Warframe. This is a game I can see lasting for years to come, while continuing to evolve. Basically its a game I can see myself investing into, both time and money.

With that being said there is one thing in particular above all else(new open worlds, new frames/prime, new weaps, etc) that I would like to know is being considered, or at least is on someones priority list, and that is the Operator. The focus schools are great, and once you've unlocked the way-bounds they certainly can change how you play the game on a fundamental level. BUT I NEED MORE damn it. I want to be able to hone my void abilities. I have this nagging idea that I'm suppose to be coursing with chaotic void energy so volatile that I had to be induced into a dream to separate my consciousness from the physical link that tormented my soul, but now I'm back, with new resolve and control over the void within. Yet my operator is a dweeb, cant rely on that guy for anything but niche situations and consistent energy. For me the end game is mastering the void, so I guess I'd like to know if that is something DE has considered and if that system will ever evolve. 




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