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Friend can't invite others to Vox Solaris quest


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A friend of mine I've been taking through Warframe for the last little while has been having trouble with the Vox Solaris quest. He's been wanting to invite me to his sessions, except he can't as his game is saying he's been put in offline mode each time, despite having the matchmaking set to anything other than solo. And because I've already completed Vox Solaris, my instance is different from his, so if he invites me to Fortuna from my Orbiter, we're in the same squad, but can't see each other. AS well, if we enter the elevator together when we can see each other, he's doing the mission solo while I'm kicked to a free-roam instance of Orb Vallis. This is especially strange as I had helped an MR3 player through Vox Solaris beforehand, and he managed to invite me to his missions from the Vallis each time.

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