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Mastery Points on various Fortuna Items broken


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I am fairly certain more than one new item is bugged relating to Mastery, and many do not show up in the Codex or Profile.  


I needed 11,373 to hit MR26 before Fortuna's release.  I now have 2,373 left to go
I maxed Nagantaka , Gilded and maxed a Para Moa, Gilded and maxed a Rattleguts, and ranked a custom K-Drive to 29. 
If I calculate correctly, that should have been 15K mastery, (3K primary, 3K Kitgun, 6K Moa, 2.9K K-Drive)

I know the Nagantaka gave mastery, and I know the K-Drive has not.  (definitely missing 2.9 from that)
I am unsure if the Kitgun is broken, or if the Moa is not 6K like all other previous Companions. (I leveled them together, but I only have 6K between them, not 9K)

Disappointed I couldn't hit MR 26 this weekend.

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En 17/11/2018 a las 23:54, TheBulldog dijo:

Just mastered my MOA with Para Model (gilded, so no error here), gained no mastery from it whatsoever. 3k mastery from it, whereas other sentinels and companions give 6k mastery

yeah is a bit ridiculous that you spend the same plat for the space and credits as the previous companions and earn just 3k

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