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Which Destreza Riven should I keep?



Some time ago I bought a crappy Destreza Riven in trade chat and rolled it a few times. I got this:

+7,5 second combo duration (I replaced Drifting Contact with it --> new slot for Organ Shatter)

+ 79 % critical hit on slide attack

+ 79 % heat

I was pretty content with that. But now I got a new melee riven mod from a sortie mission and it was a Destreza mod again.

It has:

+ 130 % Range

+ 97 % Critical damage

+ 185,3 % damage

- 96,6 % Finisher Damage


Which one would you keep and which one would you sell? I `m really unsure because of the -96,6% finisher damage.... and range is not that useful for a destreza. on the other hand 185 % damage and + 97% crit sounds great.

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I won't profess to me knowledgeable on the subject of Riven stats, so if someone posits a different opinion with evidence, take their advice over mine. Personally, I would keep the first Riven before the second. My reasons:

  • Combo Duration is a great thing to have for Destreza if you're aiming for a Crit build. I would replace Drifting Contact and slap on Relentless Combination for higher-level content. The first strike of Vulpine Mask's default combo forces Slash status onto the enemy while RC builds your Combo counter whenever your Slash procs damage. This lets Destreza stack its combo super-fast.
  • Flat crit on slide attack is OP. I'm not expecting it to be around forever (at least not in the way it stacks now), so if you're into it, use it while you can.
  • DE has mentioned that Melee 3.0 will boost the base Range of most melee weapons but cut the amount by which mods will augment that range. This is still subject to change, but if that rings true then modded range on a Riven isn't going to be as strong in the near future.
  • Subtracting nearly all of the weapon's Finisher damage is especially detrimental to Rapier weapons, since Vulpine Mask has at least one Finisher built into one of its combos. If you want to use the Finisher, you'd need to compensate for the second Riven's negative.
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