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Cats and Mining


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Simple enough, can my cat not feel obliged to walk right in front of my laser? Same as on Plains of Eidolon, it breaks my laser, it functionally ruins my mining, yet I want occasion 2x drops. There's been times it just circles around me 3 loops while I'm there, breaking my laser and ruining my concentration.

Desired outcome: cat stops walking on screen while using sights.

Suggested fix: Idk how to program, but maybe prevent companions from traversing the cone of sight for players (the one used by AIs to detect players) when using sights

P.S. There's no thread for Mining or AI so I chose Animation.

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Oh, I have another idea how to fix this!

Since ideally when you're mining you're not in combat, the pet's AI can pause the pet where it is immediately on firing a laser, for the duration of the laser. This would work because most of the time the pet arrives at the location shortly after you start mining, this would stop them from approaching and ruining it half way through which always seems to be the case. Canceling out variables to worry/focus on would make the process of mining much more enjoyable, with pet movement and laser obstructions being a huge distraction from focus.

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