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Kept in K-Drive Limbo


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This is a very edge case bug. While using Limbo with Quick Thinking and Pain Threshold equipped, there is a bug with taking lethal damage and equipping the K-Drive that causes you to be stuck on the K-Drive permanently. I haven't exactly figured out the exact moment it happens, but I have replicated it. While dying around the Exploiter Orb, I equipped my K-Drive. At that moment, I think you get knocked off your K-Drive without the game really registering it, the game will lock you in place, but say that you aren't on your K-Drive. Instead of typing /unstuck, your K-Drive will be right underneath you, so you can hop onto it. Once you do, you cannot get off by any normal means, you can't see any trick information, you can't even ragdoll off the board. Pretty sure it has to do with the stagger from Quick Thinking and something happening with the board. I found this while using Limbo, and testing if the rift affected it, which it doesn't seem too. While you are stuck on the board, you can still pick up the K-Drive Point Multiplier things that are on grind rails, but you can't see them.

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