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Olero Moa is trying and failing, help him!


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As you can see in the gif above, the Olero Moa sure is trying hard to hack this moa dispenser. It seems he's having a hard time, though, as he will keep trying indefinitely.

I have maxed his precept, so it should take only 2 seconds, but even with ciphers in my gear (in case he works like helios) I've never had him successfully hack even after 3 minutes,

Seems he needs a firmware upgrade, look how hard he's trying! Help him!

I have tried with spy objective consoles, lockdowns, and regular consoles when the enemy is alerted, same in all cases.


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I have the same probs with this MOA here. A friend of mine bought it too and it seems to nearly hack everything. My MOA though makes the same thing as the one in the above post. Same behaviour.

PLEASE fix this 😃. He wants to hack so badly 😁

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