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list of mission bugs


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1. battery wont spawn on excavation

2. enemies spawning on unreachable place cannot be attacked and mission cannot finish on defense mission

3. warframe on crawl position while leaving void mode. without touching the crawl button

4. vomalyst dont spawn during eidolon teralyst misison.

5. eidolon lure does not show capture rope during eidolon teralyst, gantulyst, hydrolyst mission even if it is beside the eidolon.

6. excessive screen shake without touching mouse even screen shake disabled.

7. after finishing mission on eidolon hunt and went to cetus entrance host left squad and no connection. you have been returned to the multiplayer menu. no rewards were given

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Want to also report on a Fortuna mission bug, not 100% sure if what i am describing is the reason it happens, just my most accurate assumptions, it goes like this:

Mission description: It is that one where you 1st have to find the corpses, than 2nd you hack a panel to free survivors.

By what happened to me, the bunker where the prisioners are being held dont have the lazers activated until you complete 1st part, if player is inside bunker where it is behind lazers and than 1st part is completed by another player, lazers activate and trap player inside, even after finishing 2nd part of mission the lazers will not go off until all players left the area, the "/unstuck" command can not help the player trapped inside because he tecnically is not stuck, and since player can not get out the lazers do not deactivate, ever... so player is caged there untill team goes back to fortuna entrance and terminate mission.

Hope i made this right, first time reporting a bug here, cheers!

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