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Some changes to garuda I think would be pleasing


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Now i have not played Garuda yet but I've looked at a bit of player's feedback on her and watched some videos on her abilities and can see where each could possibly be improved.


1st ability: She has a lovely pounce attack towards an enemy and is able to instantly kill an enemy below 35% health. This is of course going to be useless for a lot of player's fighting enemies that they can 1 shot and slightly more useful against enemies they cannot.

What could make this ability a bit more pleasurable is to have its "instant kill" range be increased by the amount of times enemies near her have been hit with slash procs or something. Eventually the instant kill range reaches 100% health which allows her to go on a short killing spree, jumping from enemy to enemy causing very gory deaths, and then the ability resets to it's original 35% health requirement. More claw action that some players want from her

2nd ability: lovely ability again but needs a range increase to reduce the stress of having to go so close to the enemy for the heal. 

What I'd suggest is to increase the range but cause the healing to be reduced the further the player is away from the impaled enemy.

3rd ability: Now I have found some people saying this ability is fine, others saying its nothing too special. So I'd like to change this ability to something that benefits the 1st ability I mentioned.

A few warframes have attacks that cause them to dash into melee range with an enemy which will increase a combo meter each successful hit. With garuda I think something that would be cool is to have her be able to use an ability that creates a combo meter however she uses the ability from a distance. How it would work is each time the player uses this ability it will throw an additional spike(s). Not only will these spikes have a high chance to cause slash procs but they also will have a high chance to cut enemies into to small bits which will also allow her to compliment a frame called Nekros and his desecrate ability.

4th ability: Immediately this is something that I did notice to be a problem with the ability's incredibly slow charge up time. I thought the ability would make up for it with superior damage but unfortunately it doesn't seem to. This may be a personal thing, but it also doesn't seem to be too visually appealing atleast, not as much as the ultimate DE had before.*EDIT*: I was incorrect, extreme damage confirmed, EXTREME DAMAGE CONFIRMED! But i still want a more visually satisfying ult :/.

So I would say bring the old ultimate back because she looked jaw dropping in the ult HOWEVER, make her more mobile and interactive for those seemed to be the only things that the ultimate lacked. Allow her to use her claws while she is floating in the air like some sort of demonic spirit with all of those spikes floating around her. Allow her to still be able to use her other abilities as well. And to make this ability feel like an ultimate rather than just a different look, give her damage reduction and damage evasion (damage evasion is something I noticed that exist in warframe but no warframe uses it, there's only 1 mod with it, and i think it only offers 6% damage evasion which is quite small).

The reason I said add damage evasion is because it will feed more into the demonic spirit like design, giving her more of a spirit like feel as bullets basically seem to pass through her. To make it more visually understandable either A, make her entire frame turn into blood or B, give her some sort of spooky looking blood dress when she casts her ult. Grants more reason to use the ult and look good.

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Let me know what you think, any feedback would be nice. Any! :[


do you like it? Do you not like it? Are they abilities you've seen before somewhere? If so let me know so that I can change them and let me know if you at least liked the abilitie if you have seen these somewhere else... Do have suggestions of your own? Is it too much to read? Bad gammar? What 🙃

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1st ability:  I have no problem with it personally, it's a nice ability. But I do think something should happen for the kill threshold but I personally don't care since it's intended use is to provide a shield and blood orb. The shield moving should be instant, it's kind of wonky in that it that interpolates to your reticle. But I do agree with others that there should be damage to the initial attack, it's silly that if the enemies aren't below the kill threshold it doesn't do anything even if it is a level 1 ability.

2nd ability:  I definitely agree the base range should increase. But no reduced healing; if that happens then nothing really changes because you still have to be really close to the center to receive the full benefit. I was thinking of whenever you have Dread Mirror up and you use 2 on an enemy you get an area shield like Gara's Mass Vritrify(4), whether it consumes the dread mirror or not is up to DE. But people might not like it because they either think it's too much or hate it because there's a frame that can do multiple things that other frames do. OR give Dmg reduction when you're in the radius O.O

3rd ability: I don't see how people have a problem with the ability. Exchange health for energy, nothing more nothing less. Pretty simple and is a nice utility. Dmg Reduction after using it would be nice though.

4th ability: The point of this ability is not for damage like many people have been misled to think it does since the in-game description doesn't do it justice. It's intended use is as a debuff. Enemies hit by seeking talons are marked. Seeking Talons applies a status chance to marked enemies based on your power strength. Attacking marked enemies with any damage will have a  (insert ability status chance) to cause bleed procs. You can literally hit an enemy with elemental damage only and it will proc bleed assuming the Garuda has 100% status chance for the seeking talons. Imagine going against lvl 100+ enemies and hitting them with Seeking Talons and streaming them down with Ignis Wraith.  The only thing holding this ability back is it's stupid charge time that requires you to hold 4 plus you can't do anything at all during the charge. It either needs to be instant or have it require 2 presses of 4 and not lock you in an animation for the duration of the charge. The latter would be more reasonable.


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Just quoting the abilies but imagine i am quoting the entire thing you said for the ability.

56 minutes ago, ShadowExodus said:

1st ability

Yea I guess I would be fine with it if it atleast dealt damage to enemies not below the health threshold.

57 minutes ago, ShadowExodus said:

2nd ability

I see. Do you think it would be weird if the blood from the enemy kind of swirled around her giving her the damage reduction you speak of? So it's like the blood is making it harder for enemies to target her? The blood swirling around her would remain around for a duration if she moves away to keep players from feeling the need to sit still I'm imagining

1 hour ago, ShadowExodus said:

3rd ability

I think I don't like it because something cooler can be put there than a quick boost of energy from cutting yourself or what ever she does. 

1 hour ago, ShadowExodus said:

4th ability

Agreed, definitely would be lovely if it was instant. I kind of wonder if they made it have such a slow charge because of her 3 possibly allowing her to spam it. Idk. Why I was thinking of chaging it to her 3rd ability, maybe allow her second to give her energy instead. I strongly loved her old 4th that made her look really cool and wish they simply made changes to it rather than completely trashing for different ability.


Thank you for the feedback btw!! X100!

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