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Garuda Suggestions


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Hi , i create a post on the english forum so we can have more feedback for the Warframe Garuda . Sorry if my English is really basic (i dont use a translator)


First , i dont think Garuda need to play melee . For me this warframe can fit the Vampire + Blood Mage Design  with Psychic Power for the Claws .


Let's talk about the Claws as a weapon : It's a decent weapon , maybe had a little bit of crit chance would be nice .

Make all abilities use the Claws and have Dmg based on Claws Dmg  on all abilities (Need to balance) to give other ways to do dmg with abilities other than 1-Kamehameha 

Passive : I think its a good passive for the blood mage design , but its hard to keep the dmg buff with all the heals and sentinels . I suggest to make it like Volt Passive , when you loose health you charge the passive until 100% and your next ability will get the dmg buff . And if you heal yourself before using an ability , you have like 5 second before you start loosing the dmg buff .


Dread Mirror : 

-Give some dmg based on Garuda's Talons because you cant kill a lvl 10 ennemy with the leap actually .   Remember Oberon Rework -_-'

-Garuda have to go in melee range to get the Shield , its ok on low level content but at High Level you get One Shoot before you reach the target you try to leap on . Maybe so Invulnerability can help (For the first use when you dont have the Shield )

-1 Make her dont loose the shield when she use the Blood Kamehameha , if the ennemies are shooting at you on High Level you will get One Shoot before you can kill them with your blood .

-2 Make the Blood Kamehameha refill after you use it 

-Maybe increase the range of the Blood Kamehameha explosion (10m to 15m) . Im not sure about this changes need some testing 

*Fix leap , sometimes you cant leap on target because there is a little obstacle between us 

*Put the Blood dmg on the right corner like Nidus stacks , Gara Shield .


Blood Altar :

Great Ability 

-Just add a little bit of range of the healing zone 

-Add a little dmg reduction buff for the players in the healing zone (25% balanced ?) Not sure about this change 


Bloodletting :

Great ability to utilise the passive and get a lot of energy back .

-Add a knockback effect to the ennemies around her 

-Make the ability deal dmg , scale with Garuda's Talons and/  maybe use a % of Blood Kamehameha if it's active .

( Give more blood effect , and Psychic Power with the Blades )


Ultimate - Seeking Talons :

Ultra Great Ability , love it .

-Make the charging speed of the ability faster (1 second or 1.5 second faster)

-Give dmg based of Garuda's Talons . Not needed but cool :) 


I think Garuda's Talons are not use like other warframe use personal weapons ( Khora Whip , Gara Staff , Excalibur Blade )

I think Garuda need to fit the Mage Role with the use of a lot of abilities , not a melee gameplay . 

Need to balance the dmg :) , she had to much dmg with the 1-4-1 combo but it take time to setup (8 seconds) , your teammates have the time to kill all ennemies before you can do anything .

Gving her dmg on others abilities can solve this issue .


Thanks you for reading my suggestions for this warframe .

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Remove the shield.
Gain 50% of the dread ball's damage value as armor.
Armor remains for the duration of current shield after casting dread ball.
Double the base radius of blood altar.
Blood letting grants damage mitigation equal to the percent of HP lost Allow dread mirror and blood altar to be cast on boss enemies.
Without her 1 and 2 she cannot use her 3 and 4.

She cannot use dread mirror or Blood altar vs Jackal. I would suspect similar traits for other bosses.
Makes her extremely dependent on additional enemies in the room.
Creates situations where you're in trouble if all but the boss were killed by your team.

Her talons do not qualify as a melee weapon to be used independent of normal melee
Her heal has a decaying function instead of the linear value proposed in the description.

Seeking talons ultimate offers no benefit to charging and pushes her away from combat due to cast time and the use of the reticule.
50m back and the small reticule grabs everything you were focused at 5m from enemies.

insta killing weakened enemies would be nice for garuda if it applied to bosses but she cannot use Dread mirror on bosses which means its for enemies who have too much EHP for their level like a nox.

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