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Nidus Prime


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2 hours ago, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

They will prime him. But not until Mesa, Equinox, Atlas, Wukong, Ivara, Titania, Nezha and Inaros...generally. So literally about 2 full years away if I calculated correctly. December 2020, if they don't put Harrow in front of him.

He won't be in December, that's when they put out the Female frames. Even though the order of which prime would be released has been jumped five times so far, they've never changed the 'male-male-female-female' pattern. Whenever a frame has jumped, it's almost always been a Female frame, and almost always to the December slot.

The problem is that Nezha and Wukong knocked things out of kilter with the number of Male-to-Female frames (19 male to 18 female), we need another Female frame after Garuda to make things even again.

If I'm looking at the pattern correctly, they'll do Mesa next month, then Equinox, followed by Atlas and Wukong and Ivara over 2019. 2020 will start with Titania then Nezha and Inaros, followed by Octavia. 2021 will start with Gara, then it's Nidus and Harrow rounded out by Khora.

Some of them may jump. Although given the relative popularity of the frames coming out on the Christmas slots so far (Mesa, Ivara, Octavia) and the current fact that the only Male frame to jump the line was Frost, literally the second Prime ever...

I think we're going to see Nidus Prime in June 2021.

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