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Can't put synth charge on akbronco.


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So I recently completed the synth set, figured I'd try to make it work, the passive holster reload on larger magazine weapons could prove viable on weapons with painfully long reloads. I put the synth mods on my sentinal, didn't really need the space on there so it was a good fit, I got to the pistol and was trying to think of what pistol could benefit from it. 


Criteria was: 

  1. Long reload to use the holster buff
  2. Short enough magazine to get the last shot
  3. Accurate enough to make that last shot actually count instead of veer off into the distance
  4. Powerful enough to make that last shot count
  5. Have 6 magazine because mod requires it.

I get the brilliant idea to put it on the akbronco prime because it does match all that criteria, 8 magazine included. but once I got to it, removed a mod I didn't need, and saw I couldn't equip it, why? 


Would also be nice if people would mention other weapons to put it on as well because now I need a weapon for it. 

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26 minutes ago, NocheLuz said:

Did you put the Synth Charge in Sentinal Weapon? It can't be put into your weapon if it does.

That sounds like a better idea, but no, I would've at least seen it, the same way you can't put a sniper mod on a shotgun, you'd see it. 


but update on that, I can't put it on the maradetron either, so I guess there's a typo in which you can't put it on weapons with 8 rounds.

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