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Icons in UI bug


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Hey there!

So as the title suggests I have a problem with my UI. Basically, whenever I try to open an inventory, arsenal (not only the one through the menu but also the one in the orbiter) and also the foundry, most of the icons are just not there. Not only that but also some icons in the Fortuna shops are missing (I will also post a topic into the Fortuna thread).

I have tried updating all of my software from graphics card to DirectX and Windows but nothing from those helped. So I tried to uninstall Warframe and then reinstall it but again it did not help. I wouldn't really mind it if it was only one or two icons missing from now and then and would just wait for the next update hoping it would get fixed but since it is in such a large numbers it really kinda impacts the joy of playing Warframe. The screenshots of the bug can be found on this Imgur link (unfortunately I could not add them directly into the post for some reason).

Thanks for a reply!

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