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HUD Display information frequently incorrect.


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When on Orb Vallis - information displayed in the hud cannot be trusted.

  • Bringing up squad list, it may show some or all of the parties equipment mastery rank at zero - even when it is max rank. It may even show your own equipment at rank zero.  BZring up the squad list a few more times - it may just to being correct, then the next time incorrect etc. In the same mission
  • Free the hostages? bounty - where you find 4 bodies, then hack the room and kill the guys to speed up the process: Picking up the orbs doesn't show any progress. Picked up 5, didn't show any progress toward the bonus of collecting 3. Nor did it speed up the progress.  Then about a minute later the bonus showed checked.
  • Collect Credits - this one is just completely broken. The credits collected jumps all over the number going up, down, no idea what current collection level is.  Not only does the current COLLECTED number go all over the place, even the target amount jumps around - requires 2000, then 4000, then 2000.
  • The select mission vote screen never goes away and is present for the whole mission.


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