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Nekros Shadow Corpus spawn invulnerable Alert Beacons


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Basically, as the title says. Whenever the Corpus Ghosts of two Nekros's meet, there's a good chance they'll plonk down one of the global alert beacons with infinite HP - forcing the alert level to the absolute maximum, and thus greatly increasing the bounty difficulty wether you want it or not. I haven't yet found a way to reproduce this reliably as it does involve randomly behaving AI ghosts but a key component seems to be the need for two different nekros's both being present simultaneously, with their respective shadows out.

The end result looks something like this - the HP of the alert beacon simply will not go down no matter how long and how much you fire at it, melee and abilities do damage numbers but the HP seems to not decrease either. Funny enough it even sends the summoned ghosts counter of Nekros to 8, instead of 7, because it is a "summoned unit" i guess


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