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Improvements/fixes to K-Drive


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Yeah I'm not exactly qualified as a K-Drive professional, but I have used it quite a bit, as it has recently been my primary mode of transport in both Plains and Vallis. Anyways I just wanted to give my 2 cents on this matter.

Firstly, why don't the nose grabs give standing? If you can spam the space/right click to gain a bunch of standing then I'm sure there's no damage in doing the same for left click. Maybe also add an extra bonus if it is released just before hitting the ground?

Next, the controls. A big problem with the K-Drive controls are that they're non-customizable. Currently the controls for the K-Drives are bound to the warframe controls. I'm sure it shouldn't be that hard, caus' archwing is already separated. If archwing can be separated, why can't K-Drive? I don't know what you guys do, but I use toggle sprint in warframe. This makes the boost on the K-Drives toggle as well. This can get a bit problematic considering the speed that K-Drives can get to, especially with the K-Drive speed and boost speed mods. Going that fast means loss of control when turning. I tested K-Drive out with hold to boost/sprint and it was so much better. Boosting at long stretches/when jumping and letting go on turns, boy it was a joy to control your speed.

Furthermore, I think aerial control is a key part that K-Drives are lacking. Once you're in the air, sure you can use the nose grab banking to control the direction of movement. but you can't easily control exactly where you land, much less do a 180. I suggest making going into boost initially to give a sudden burst of speed in the direction the board is facing. So, for an example, doing a jump, turning around 180 and pressing boost will reverse your momentum and move you in the opposite direction or, if they are doing a nose grab, launch them 2-3 meters into the air. Maybe have a cooldown on this burst of speed to limit exploitation (infinite flying with nose grabbing and boost spamming).

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