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[SUGGESTION] Revenant Augment for Danse Macabre


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Ability: Danse Macabre

Augment Name: Doom Wave

Augmentation: Danse Macabre becomes a cone AoE in front of Revenant. He sweeps his hand from left to right in a wave of lasers, doing massive damage and applying a weakness debuff of 15%/20%/25%/30% per rank. Damage on skill remains the same but no longer has the "boosted" capability. Removes Reave synergy. Total wave animation is 1s long. No longer has a channel.

Reasoning: Revenant doesn't really have any utility abilities or setups for the team. This provides a way for an entire team to do more damage. Yes it crushes Danse Macabre's damage potential as a solo frame, but brings up an entire team's damage potential by a rather significant margin. Also, Danse Macabre's little ballerina animation is pretty silly... so that's kind of a factor too. lol

Well, community... thoughts?

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