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[Frame Suggestion] Chameleos would be dope right ? (please DE read this)


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Dear DE, dear Tenno,

I don't know if this section of the forum is ideal to address this subject and I hope I won't trigger any moderator (if so I'm sorry).


A friend of mine and I came to the idea that since Warframe is kind of a Hack'n'Slash game with guns involved, it could use some more mechanics of the genre, like abilities building. So I'ld like to introduce you the concept of... CHAMELEOS (or Camelia, whatever creative team, you name it), the Adaptative Warframe!

Maybe some chameleon stuff like a firts ability using one of your mates first abilities, an invibility/aggro loss, a pull-with-your-tongue thingy, a buff that would allow to stcik to walls during its cast... What is really interesting is the...
Passive - Adaptation: In the Arsenal, Chameleos can be fed with a certain amount of other frames chassis, systems, neuroptics and blueprints to obtain the fed parts capacity.
For example: an X amount of Volt chassis would give it Volt's Shock (1) ability, another X amount of Nidus systems would give it Nidus's Larva (2) ability, another X amount of Octavia neuroptics would give it Octavia's Metronome (3) ability and finaly another X amount of Trinity's blueprints would give it Trinity's Blessing (4) ability.

Now I see some issues with this kind of concepts, and those are:
1/ New players could get confused the first time they see it (but they always are, right?)
2/ Some feeding parts would be really hard to grind and the balance between the parts drops rates and the benefits they bring would be a tough challenge to come up with. Though this frame could also be an example of dedication and a nice challenge for veteran players.
3/ Some feeding parts would be impossible to get. So exit every quest frame blueprint, all of Chroma parts that are obtained by junctions, and maybe some other I didn't think of...
4/ Some abilities would be hard to pull in a build or even unusable. As a Nidus main, I see an obvious (to me) example: with the Adaptative passive, you have no Mutation stacks neither for Virulence damage nor Parasitic Link or Ravenous cast.

Still I see huge pros to this concept and it would be:
1/ The challenge for players! This frame would not be hard to obtain to be a heck of a ride. Getting a custom set of abilities that match your playstyle and a corresponding set of mods might not be the easiest thing to theorise. Take that, community. You might not be able to theorycraft this one in only a few days.
2/ Your Chameleos, your style. If you get to choose your abilities, you're able to get 1.874.161 different frames (in the current state of the game with 37 frames) in one farm!
3/ The meaning of grinding this frame. Sometimes you get to hear some players grumbling stuff like "why do i have only 13% chance of a C rotation to get that part I want just to build another dumb MR fodder frame?". Now this 13% drop could get more value to some Chameleos mains eyes.
4/ The "not so broken" state of it. Yes you could see insane synergies like a nuke Volt's discharge with no care for efficiency due to an access to Trinity's Energy Vampire, but synergies already exist with consumables (energy pizzas and zenurik) and I still have not found some combinations of powers that could not be achieved when properly geared.

We could extend the concept to stats too if needed (like giving it a flat 75 in each stats and each capacity could come with a +25/50/75 stat increase/decrease) but this might be too much.
An other subject that could be addressed is: what do prime part bring if we consider them in the equation. Just reskins like Oberon's Hallowed Ground ?
What about augment mods ? Adding them in the Chameleos mods pool would be nice and further more increase the possibilities. But at what cost in regards of developpment and bug fixing?

Now I hope this topic and this idea will not drift endlessly in the void and that some of the players and DE members who read it were interested in it enough to have it heard of by the community.

Anyway, I have been Poketchu. Hope we'll have the occasion to have passionnate debates in the following comments.
See ya !

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I have always been a fan of evolution/ adapting themed frames. Not like this.

You are simply letting players build the perfect off/def/supp frame. There will be no need to play any other frames.

This is definately a fun idea but not a good one imho.

You can make it work sorta. Make the frame have its own abilities and maybe play around with somehow using other frames abilities or maybe a diff kind of adaption.

Good luck!

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