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Some QOL changes for Atlas


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Atlas needs a bigger rework, but up to that point he could at least get some small changes that would make him feel better

- Rubble heal either removed or now it always gives health AND armor ( heal is too small if you can just use lifestrike and its always really annoying if you want to stack your rubble, but you are missing a bit of health and so you dont get the stack)

- Petrify cost reduced to 50 ( cost too much for what it does)

- Petrify now can also heal Tectonic Bulwark ( dont want to recast tectonics all the time if i see that a wall is low health)

- Atlas can now command his Rumblers to hold their position ( so that you can use them for defending stuff...would make them at least somewhat useful)


This probably wouldnt be too complicated to implement i guess...so what do you think?

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YES drop cost of Petrify!
Like Nezha's Chakram, if an orb drop heavy Ore Gaze feature were standard on his Petrify, it would serve to make up for the cost.

His 2. Ain't good.
What if.. Throw a stone on tap, and Spray-builds a create-a-wall when held? (Could be toggle)
By pouring bricks and mortar together, or concrete, or tele-kinetically moving and creating them into place out of his stone armor.
Hit bulwark with punch or thrown stone to break, (think Frosts 1 breaks his globes,) crumbles them back into armor pickups.

Concrete up a doorway, and reinforce it with Petrify.

Or maybe... Make petrify a toggle again, the longer you stare, the more rock builds up on the surface of things.
Make Bulwarks that way.

Saw something on how a scanning electron microscope works.
The thing they examined was put in a gas of gold.
(Was a butterfly wing if anyone is curious)
Anyways, that makes me think that surfaces under the beam of petrify
could similarly start to crust up.

That would balance itself.
You can't only use petrify, because it will block you eventually.
Or leave it on to sustain and heal a wall's surface, physically.

Maybe his ult could turn bulwark structures of a certain mass into golems.
Mass = Golem Size.

I use his Ult right now for the AoE petrify, and detonate the golems for middling dmg, and armor chips.
I don't use his 2.
Yet, his energy reserves are still forever overdrawn.

Unchain this monster, please DE.
Thanks to anyone who read this through.


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