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Companions rework dissapointment


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Hey, just saying here I'm a bit dissapointed in some things I was expecting from the rework and did not happen :

1. Kubrow still keeps runing forward to mob, backward to me, again forward to mob. Most often I kill the mob so he just runs back and forward for no reason. It should have like a way to change his stance like Defensive/Aggresive/Hold position. In the defensive he basically follows you each step and attacks what is in X meters of you. In aggresive it should non stop go from one mob to another, only gets teleported to you when you get XX meters away from him, in hold position you basicaly tell him to guard that objective, let's say he attacks mobs in X meters from that point.

2. Moa uses sentinels weapons, ok so far. Difference is Moa stays where he wants, while Sentinel was always on your shoulder. I could understand the sentinel beam, bullet etc hiting a pillar, since that piller was between YOU and the mob, so sentinel could not move to avoid the pillar, only you could do that. But the MOA stays like stupid and hits the ceiling, the pillers etc, instead of doing the obvious to move a few steps so it could hit the mob. Also, same as above would like the defensive/aggresive/hold stances.

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I doubt companions will ever be anything more than an additional mod slot for your warframe to slot utility like Charm or Cat's Eye and now thankfully Fetch (the other companion mods are not even worth looking at) and the rest is purely for survivability mods so you do not have to care what it is doing.

Any attempt to make them more useful like using them for damage or cc is immediately futile because the ai - i mean its basically an insult to the concept of ai in general to call what they have artificial intelligence - is so unbelievably and utterly moronic.


Sentinels are more useful cause all they need is a targeting ai for their weapons. Sadly they die and can not be revived by the player. (except for Djinn but that only translates to 5 seconds of sentinel alive followed by 90 seconds of waiting and repeat >.<)

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