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Garuda suggestions after 5 forma.


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So I've played with garuda intensively and by far this warframe is one of my favorites. Complicated but strong. However there are still things holding her back.

I think the main issue is her survivability. She can output very good dmg with her  4-1 combo but she dies very very very fast especialy on orb vallis(solo, in group its not that apparent). Mainly because she doesnt have that much ehp even with umbral mods or cc. She is suppoused to be a frame with which you have to manage energy and health but using 3rd ability is just a waste of health and if used twice its just a death sentence. Her 1st and 2nd ability dash path is so broken that dont even let me started how many times i died because of clicking ability on enemy and target was obstructed by a small rock, its not even funny. 4th ability is pretty fun but the charge time is way too slow and yeah i  did use natural talent.

As for fixing

- 1st 2nd ability needs their pathing fixed or something asap.

-3rd ability in my opinion should have its health cost reduced to 33% not half (its just too much). Secondly should be unavailable once your health is lower than 33%. Should provide either some form of cc, doesnt have to be super strong, just something to let her survive longer, or some form of dmg mitigation or absorbtion( i think mitigation/absorption would be better counting in her original design) . 

-4th ability should be charged faster

-more base health or armor would be also appriciated


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I only put in one forma and currently i have the following griefs:

  1. Everything is too slow, the speed what you get with natural talent should be the baseline.
  2. We have a second skill what anchors you down on a mobility frame. I think i dont need to explain this further. How about we put the bloody caracass of the first target on our back and turn him into mobile healing unit?
  3. The third ability is some bad suicide joke. Its pointless to use when you need energy because at the same time you are obviously in a fight thats why you need that energy and getting it kills you.
  4. Charge speed of both 1 and 4 should be affected by either efficiency or by p.strenght.
  5. If we dong give her more survivability tools that means we need to buff her base hp to 600 and base armor to 500 atleast.
  6. The passive is nice when you are dying but it doesnt offer enough to justify it. "Oh look im dying, now im extra angry at you and instead of tomatos im gonna throw apples at you!"
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I've been playing Garuda since she launched and my thoughts are ...

1. Her Dread Mirror, Blood Altar, and Seeking Talons seem to suggest that she is intended to be relatively stationary in how she's played but she doesn't have the effective hit points to do that. I'd like to see her shield removed (a force field doesn't really fit with thematically with her gore/blood theme) and her health and armor increased so that she has better survivability—especially since 2 of her 4 abilities virtually mandate jumping directly into a group of enemies.

2. Her passive is interesting in theory but I'd rather see it somehow tied to slash damage or, better yet, her base armor increasing as a percentage of lost health--meaning at 50% health her base armor increases by 50%, at 30% health her base armor increases by 70%, etc. This would go a long way to making her 3 feel more useful as well since she’d be getting both an armor (survivability) and energy boost.

3. At the moment it feels like Natural Talent is mandatory. I'd like to see the charge times for her abilities decreased. Not only can it be challenging to survive while charging two different abilities but it’s not uncommon for many/most of the enemies to be killed by other players before her Seeking Talons is fully charged. When charging her Dread Mirror’s explosive projectile it’d be really helpful if she couldn’t be damaged—since she is draining her energy and has to have a Blood Mirror to pull from I don’t think this would be open to abuse but she could also be rendered stationary if it seems like she’d be too powerful with this tweak.

4. Activating her Dread Mirror and Blood Altar can be problematic because (a) they both are easily blocked by terrain, (b) they both require enemy units to activate and there seem to be a significant number of units that are immune to being turned into a Blood Altar and a smaller, but still significant, number of units that are immune to being leapt onto by Dread Mirror, (c) the battlefield can be further complicated if other players have brought in specters or Nekros is using Shadows of the Dead. This results in 2 of 4 of Garuda’s powers feeling frustratingly erratic.

5. It would be a quality of life improvement if the preserved damage from her Dread Mirror was displayed at the bottom of the blood orb as currently it becomes easily obscured.

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