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Operator Mesh Weird/Unworkable+Waistbands Overhanging


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The new operator meshes are weird and have some very clear annoyances.

Starting with just the main mesh:

The main chest area is completely over-sized with the rest of the body, to the point that it's extremely clear where the different types of meshes are. Given is an example of how the main body type was before to the way it is now, and keep in mind that this is the standard for all of the chest armors, though I wasn't able to get pictures beforehand.

This is before the rework:


This is after the rework:



And this happens on *every* single armor on the game. So every single armor that's supposed to look like a one piece, especially the Commodore set and the Zariman suit, don't actually look like one piece.

This is what the commodore set looks like now:


As opposed to the way it's looks according to the promotional material:



This also brings up another issue, namely the waistbands. The Commodore pin at the back now very plainly hangs completely off, the waist part isn't even attached to the waist, and instead hangs off it. It's not actually apparent with the commodore set unless you look closely, but it's there. It however very much is apparent with the Vaud set.

This is the Vaud set sans the helm before the rework:



And this is the Vaud Set now:



And this isn't just a problem with the Vaud set, it's a probably with almost *all* of the waistbands, some less noticeable then others, but all of them to some level of degree, with the exception of the Koppra Tassets, which just attach themselves to the leg. Even then, it does seem like the Tassets hang a bit lower then where they are supposed to, since according to the buy picture they are supposed to hang just a couple of degrees below the waist of the the Koppra set.


I know you guys said on the devstream that discussed the new mesh "rework" and said that if it didn't work out, oh well, but please consider the fact that many of us did pay for the cosmetics one way or another, and that we are now no longer getting what we paid.

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