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Reduce the amount of gear wheel usage.


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All these tools....rifles, lures.....  Its a pain to swap them.   "Hotkeys"? Mutiplatform.

Here is what I recommend to do: 

1)   Rifle and "sound imitator" should be "2 in 1" tool.  Because its possible and there is no reason why not.  Just attach that lure thing under Tranq rifle barrel. 

Middle mouse button will switch between "lure mode" and "rifle mode".  Yeah, just like some primary weapons....  All the better than opening Gear wheel every time....


2) Sound type (lure) selection should also be available through mouse wheel (scrolling) when "lure mode" is active.  I want to avoid using gear wheel as much as i can in my normal gameplay.  Really it feels so overused in Fortuna content....bleh.


3) "Hunt starting points" should always be visible on the minimap (similar to k-drive races).    Having to equip Lure or Rifle just to check if there is a hunt nearby sux.   

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This. Very much this.

with a controller its painful scrolling around the ever more crowded gear wheel.  I'm forever wasting everything from energy pies to specters when trying to quickly select  a fishing rod, or archwing, or k drive or tranq gun or echo lure or or or..

The trank gun and echo lure should be able to be used concurrently. Hell, you even have the "RB" for actions when you have the lure out like you do for using baits when fishing - of course it doesn't do anything >.>


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Was about to make a topic on this.

For both Conversation and Fishing, I think tapping Secondary Fire should scroll through the 1 2 3 slots
and holding it should open the selection wheel of whatever slot you're on.
Bam, all the functionality you need, on a single button.

For Fishing, Primary Fire would also make you throw bait etc,
and maybe automatically switch to the Spear afterwards because why not.

And just because, in addition, I'd also welcome it if my controller's 1 2 3 4 ability configuration
(I've set them all to D-Pad presses) could be recognized / used in these instances,
i.e. work like the 1 2 3 keyboard keys currently (a functionality I don't want removed, just to be clear).

Lastly, while I'm at it, why does the mouse sensitivity suddenly jump up massively during the "mimic call" part?
Like, it's not even the whole Echo Lure mechanic that has that problem, just when those brackets pop up.
Aiming during that part thankfully makes it work at reasonable levels, still, seems pretty weird to me.

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They already have a system in place for that. you just need one fishing rod, and one tranq gun in your gear wheel. with fishing you can access everything by holding RB and pressing the corresponding button, but i think you need the power menu active on your controller for that. Holding the button brings up a sub wheel menu with everything related to that.

Currently the tranq gun UI is bugged so we'll have to settle for a crowded gear wheel until they fix that. Once it is fixed it should function just like the fishing UI.

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Fishing hotkeys are fine, since you have 2 "ability" quick toss and 1 actual tool selection.


Conservation is a bit rougher since a quick tap of 1 or 2 does not swap your gear.  It should.  There's no reason it should require the wheel to switch from a lure to the rifle.

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