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adjustable blueprints


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had an idea that certain blueprints when building ask for a number of how much you want to build.

e.g at the moment refining ores and gems could be simpler if we could just put a number in and it adjusted credit cost etc.

the same could them be applied to other reusable blueprints. with the base cost being for a single refinement/creation. multiplied by number of creation wanted.

edit. this would also have to affect time taken to refine. e.g takes 1 min for 10mineral to be refined so about 15seconds per 1. 

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It would be a good idea but I think they will leave it how it is and I have to say it has a charm that it is different from other games with a waitlist. We can build multiple things at one that's not possible in games with a waitlist. And to want both is ok but is it really needed? I crafted 20 min just minerals yesterday  so I can feel you but...

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