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Hi, just wanted to know, a player said me "enjoy you'r 3 day report" because i lag hard, like 3-5 min to get in Cetus plaine. Said he took me on video and won't hear anything about it. and locked me.
Then 1rst : guys, don't report people like that pls. We are not all bad.
2nd, i recive nothing on this mission, so it's not worth to report me.
If i take 3 days ban for that, i swear i'll be angry.
Andjust think about it, some peaople dosn't have a 5 000euros PC and somtime lag hard, be intelligent.

My question is : can i be report for that ? Is there a hope to be Unban ? Acutaly, i hate that person.

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I had the same issue, ive been playing this game for 4 years now and i've never got reported once untill this new ''bully report mechaninc'' that DE stupidly implemented in the game.

Sometimes it takes me a while to get into the plains or on fortuna especially if someone is hosting it with a bad connection, so i got threatened of being afk by a guy saying the same exact thing, ''enjoy ur 3 day suspension'' short after that i got an email by DE saying, i got ''warned'' saying that i was afk and if that happens again ill get an account suspension?!

The problem here is that with this new ''EASY REPORT SYSTEM'' the game is now based on fear of being reported or being bullyed by trolls or jealous players.

In the past few months i've seen soo many players being cocky and mocking you (especially against higher mr ranks) then the past 4 years, i can see the community changing very fast and in a bad way just because of this stupid mechanic. How can i see the comminity change? because i've been playing for a very long time and i have thousands of hours n this game, and i can tell you the community is not as it use to be.

With this DE just gave the power of griefing and made this the game more toixc, thats all they did.

I use to love the fact that its a chill free to play and WAS the least toxic game i've played, but not anymore, now sometimes im afraid of enetering fortuna or any other map thinking that maybe i should play solo, is that normal to you DE? fear of playing ur game? is that what u want?

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