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1. Fishing doesn't seem too rewarding for time spent

2. Mining seems very rewarding for time spent.

3. Medical debt/Higher level debts don't seem to show up often on Ticker, even at higher rep levels (is this intentional?), you would think the higher you are the better buys would be offered.

4. Garuda requires the second highest rep? But Y tho.

5. Aquariums need more capacity (or another aquarium for the aquarium theme)

I love the work you guys have put into this, the Mining I personally think was a drastic improvement over the last system, even the fishing still feels fun it's just the values of the fish are fairly insignificant (without baits).  With baits I'm sure fishing scales very well, whereas mining you already start off at the highest level so it gives you a huge kick start.  Thanks for everything and keep up the good work (and Don't make the giant spiders time based like Eidolons PLZ).

If a mod could move this to general feedback ILY,

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