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PS4 Mouse & Keyboard Support


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So recently I have been fiddling with mouse and keyboard on PS4 and I notice that most of it works but some of it does not. I'd like to point out that the game is ENTIRELY PLAYABLE with M&K without fixing some of this stuff.


So the gearwheel doesn't work along with the emote wheel, pulling up the chat-box with 'T' does successfully pull it up but does not allow one to type in it (of course you can press square on the controller and then it will). Those are basically the only things that don't work like I feel they're supposed to but I would also like to see some kind of keyboard remapping implemented cause for me hitting control to crouch or do bullet jumps feels weird and cramps my hand pretty hard.


Of course these are QoL improvements and aren't super needed but I'd love to see it added in.


Edit: It also appears the menu for the Simulacrum doesn't work I would assume other menus that have you choose amounts of an item you click also don't in the same way.

Edit 2: I hope that with the release of M&K support on xbox that is it will be improve constantly across both platforms and I'm unsure if the version on xbox has the same issues as PS4.

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