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Inaros cast speed. 2 & 4 too slow, can't chain together smoothly.


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A tweak to Inaros' 2 and 4.

(pre-empt tl;dr)
2 Takes too long to end,
4 Takes too long to start and end,
Both don't feel smooth or chain together well with his kit, or weapons.

Would love a QoL adjustment.

Cast speed mods don't really touch the issue I'm having.

I'm used to Hydroid who is more of a caster, and chains together well.
Inaros would be very much more enjoyable if you could chain his abilities like Rhino and Hydroid can.

Side thought, if you could toss your 4s while in tornado, that would be brutal.
That's very inspired by Hydroid's puddle, and I wanted to mention it to highlight a distinct difference
from what I mean for the abilities. What I want is to cast his kit smoother, not change it.

His 1 casts well. I've often thought how I'd rather cast his stored ult through his 1.
What I really need though is just a more responsive transition between the two states of use.
If you accidentally start crushing your health for armor, you could put yourself in danger.

When I let off the two, I may be doing so to panic cast an ult charge to start healing someone.
However, when I try to play in this style, his gears grind and seize to jarring halts.
In truth, I'm probably using him wrong.. and am certainly off meta with his builds.
But it sure feels like I'd be using him so very right if I could.

P.S. Prisma Inaros.
I don't know if we have to lend Baro our Inaros frame so he can do that lore wise or something..
But I would like this.

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