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Garuda Bug


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I would like to report that if you use Garuda´s first or second skills, if the target is on a different altitude compared to yours, Garuda will clipped through the floor and fall past it,  you will respawn as if you fell in a pit, but your abilities will be locked and you can´t use them (you get the "The ability is active" message). You can get it fixed if you fall into a pit, but still it is worth reporting this bug.

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I just had this happen on one of the Europa Corpus ice planet tiles. Pressed 1 and dove onto the target from some stairs above and ended up about 1000m below the world. I respawned when I finally fell to 5000m below, but then couldn't use any abilities like the OP described. (Or gear, or dance, etc.) I couldn't even use her claws as melee. I didn't have a melee equipped and she activated them when I switched to melee stance, but I couldn't attack directly or even use quick  melee.

I actually had this happen two maps in a row, but the first time I didn't fall through the world. I think what happened was I managed to Blood Spire an enemy that then got rifted by our limbo. No other weirdness, and I didn't fall through the map that time, but I had to run out of bounds and respawn that way to get any ability use back. I wasn't able to reproduce the spire/rift thing tho, so that might not have been the cause.

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I've had no problems with Garuda & Limbo, but I have had problems with falling through the floor. I've never had my abilities get locked, however, though I do do /unstuck to get back into the map rather than keep falling.

Alongside falling through the floor, there's also a bug with Garuda's 1 where you'll jump up and down towards the enemy, but end up in a completely different place rather than right next to the enemy. Said enemy will still be knocked over, and will still take damage and you'll get the shield and everything as normal, but you're teleported to the incorrect location. I've had it happen more often than I'd like and it's incredibly disorienting.

I love how Garuda works, so fixing these bugs without completely changing her would be great. The bugs don't happen often enough to discourage me from playing her, but they're still an annoyance.

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Good evening everyone !

Since hotfix 24.1.2 and, I have not noticed any problem with the first power of Garuda (either corrected or I was lucky ><).

However the bug with the mod "Handspring" is still active.


Handspring allows you get up faster if you have been landed. However, the mod does not work with Garuda if you are not a session host.



Hi everyone.

I had the same problem on my side, a bit like the teleportation of Ash once, but from time to time, without falling into the ground through the scenery, I am teleported to the begenning of the map. Both on Orb Vallis and traditional maps.


In addition, I noticed that the mod Handspring does not work anymore if a Zaw or Kitgun is used I'm not the host of mission.


Nothing else noticed for the moment. I will update my message as needed 😉

Have a lovely day everybody !



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