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Rarer fish types spawn only for host in ponds


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Went fishing in a two person squad. Both times consecutively in the pond with a big rock in it south-west of Transit Depot. First time for about 20 min of fishing the fish types Recaster and Tromyzon did not spawn for the non-host player. The host caught about 7 Recaster and 5 Tromyzon. After believing the spawns were host tied, we exited Orb Vallis and switched host. This time, at the same location, the same thing happened. During 20 minutes the non host player had 0 Recaster and Tromyzon spawn and host caught 5+ of each.

Tinks, Brickies and Eye-eyes spawned consistently for both host and non-host player.

There seems to be a bug where rarer fish types in ponds do not spawn for the non-host player.


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