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WTS Rivens Galore! WTT Arca Titron for Matching J-Kitty, WTS Arc Energize R3, Come have a Peek!

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WTT this Arca Titron - https://imgur.com/pRe7O2w for Jat Kittag Riven with matching stats (a different element is fine) Otherwise Not for Sale

WTS the Following Rivens, Prices individually are non negotiable but will give 5p discount for 2, 10p for 3, etc.

***Boar Sati-visinak*** - https://imgur.com/324NqX2 - 175p

***Unrolled Convectrix Rivens*** - 30p - https://imgur.com/EtExgS8 

***Unrolled Gunsen Riven*** - 20p Each - https://imgur.com/CgN19wD

***Unrolled Phage Riven*** - SOLD - https://imgur.com/vrh5ni1

***Unrolled Phantasma Riven*** - SOLD - https://imgur.com/HGNezqu

***Unrolled Sobek Riven*** - SOLD - https://imgur.com/jzgLuK2

***Ignis Hexacan*** - https://imgur.com/8VYkKh9 - SOLD

***Strun Acri-lexiton*** - https://imgur.com/0vxXsdX - 150p

***Tetra Crita-vexitis*** - https://imgur.com/D6rPDsx - 65p

___Willing to Sell an Arcane Energize R3 for SOLD___


I am available from 5:30pm EST on, messages on PSN preferred (ArchangelX3Z), rudeness not tolerated, but great deals and conversations as we go are! Let's make a deal ^_^


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