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In-orbiter Cetus/Fortuna accesser


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The idea behind this 'object' I think they could add is to make players whose PC's can't run very well on Fortuna or Cetus be able to access it's contents without the risk of the game crashing. Upon interacting with this Cetus/Fortuna HUB inside your ship, the player could access all the merchants and do what they want or need. This way the low end PCs don't have to fight the lag and freezing of those cities.

I can't, for the love of god, access Onkko's room because the game crashes the moment the door opens. SO with this I would be able to access his wares and rank up my standing without having to go there and have my game break out of a sudden.

Same deal in the plains or vallis: Maybe a beacon that can call the orbiter and have the player leave on a specific spot of those places, without losing their rewards or what they farmed.
The moment the door to Cetus opens from the plains, I have to rush-press esc and leave that place before the game crashes and I have to reboot it.

This idea is to make things more smooth for players who can't afford "decent" 1000+ dollars/reals PCs, like me, and to let them enjoy the game without losing much of its features.

I sincerely hope DE watches or reads this, because I don't wanna have my favorite game be unplayable with the incoming updates

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