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I keep getting game halting bugs, is this a normal occurrence?


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So firstly, I was doing a defense mission where you have to protect a cryochamber or something like that. Once round 5 came around we chose to stay. For the next 5 rounds I had the mission report stuck on my screen with absolutely no way to get it off except for reconnecting which I was afraid would kick me out of the lobby. It was like playing with about 35% visibility. Second, I'm doing the second Fortuna mission and after having found the bodies and finding the location of the survivors, my mission randomly fails. Didn't get seen (as far as I know) and didn't leave the quest area. My only thought is that it could be that the quest boundaries aren't properly implemented, so once I jumped down onto a platform to enter the base, it counted me as "leaving" the location. Anybody else experience these bugs? The game looks great but these bugs among several smaller bugs are halting my progress and enjoyment. Thoughts? 

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