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Plains keep getting worse and worse


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Ok, I thought it was just the change of scenery from Fortuna to Cetus but I realize I'm not that lucky. I'd rather go straight to the point

I can play Fortuna flawlessly without having any of the problems I had with PoE even after months of patches and hotfixes. There is really no comparison how these two lands behave despite Orb Vallis titanic size compared to the Plains. really, W-H-A-T___T-H-E___H-E-L-L?

Enemy density is absurd. I know it is partially due to cliffs and rocks but on the plains I can barely look in a direction without spotting grineers coming out the friggin walls....ground. Those bloody dargyns spawning like if bred by rabbits in heat with the only intent of harassing me. Sometimes, and I'm not kidding, I had to leave the plains out of sheer annoyance. This was when ghouls and plague star were not even a thing (I never touch the plains while any of those events are on).

Today the grand finale, couldn't even start two eidolons hunt since, for some unknown reason, I couldn't deploy archwing the first time and stuck at gate the second.


Why, o why the plains have to suck this much?

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primarily because the Plains were DE's first foray into open world areas, they learned a great deal working on PoE, and Fortuna is the culmination of all those improvements, as well as new graphics technologies and new rendering techniques. this is why despite fortuna being larger, it may run better on lower to midrange hardware. 

PoE suffers from some design ideologies that the tileset maps feature, such as frequent enemy placement, uninspired terrain. its growing pains.

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