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Mirage - Hall of Mirrors and Sleight of Hand


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Okay so.  I've been using Mirage quite a bit to make certain weapons even more awesome, but I've noticed a bug with Hall of Mirrors.  It flat-out doesn't work.  They will ignore the Mirror Clones/Reflections and just shoot Mirage, with seemingly INCREASED accuracy.  I have Quick Thinking on with Primed Flow and enemies around 20-40 kill me in two hits even with those on.  That power is broke, especially in Fortuna, which is another matter entirely, but I won't get into that.  As far as Sleight of Hand?  That power is completely useless.  NO ONE uses it in their builds and if they do, they did not make a good Mirage build.  PLEASE look into Hall of Mirrors.  It is not working as intended which is to make enemies fire at the Mirror Clones/Reflections, NOT HER.  I SWEAR they do not even see the Mirror Clones/Reflections and just fire STRAIGHT at Mirage, like the power wasn't even activated!

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