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Good night. For the second time I had problem with de grinner chache mission...

Is a giant map and very dificult to find the places of the deposits. 

The first atempt i found one of the deposits, and  immersed into the water... I climbed until the limit of the water and the bug started.

My screen become dark like when we fall into a hole and after get back to de floor, but when get back to the water something automatically pulls you up and again we have the black screen.

You can`t get out, you can`t open the options with "esc", you can`t do anything!


I tried for the second time now... I found 2 of the 3 deposits, after 40 minutes, and again the same bug happened into the water.


I tired of this mission, but i need to do it to go to neptune...


Could you please skip this mission from my list?

If u think, i already found 3 deposits, so please skip it. 

I spent more that 1:10h for nothing because of the bug of this boring mission.


Sorry for the "english", I'm from Brazil. 

I hope you help me, thanks.

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