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Two Active Bounties


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Two attached screenshot links should help show the issue (end of post). Let me know if any other info is needed. 

I joined an in progress session for the third tier bounty "Bury Them." I walked to the lift and joined into an instance with one other person (host) and no active bounty. I went to the NPC (outside the lift) to request a new bounty and chose "Bury Them" (just as I'd chosen from Eudico) before I went into the Vallis.) People's names were showing as joining and leaving at a rapid rate (lower right of screen notifications) which made me think some bug triggered in the instance. At this point I went ahead with the bounty and started heading toward objective 1 on bounty A. When the original instance user showed no interest in doing bounties I left the squad. I had a host migration. 

When I was in my own instance I had my first "Bury Them" bounty active, but as I started doing objective 1 on bounty A, a new objective 1 on bounty B appeared. I then found myself in two active bounties (which was really fun). Rewards for each step 1-3 were awarded upon completion of each objective per bounty (as I did each step of each bounty). To explain the steps: 

Bounty A Objective 1 (received reward)
Bounty B Objective 1 (received reward)
Bounty A Objective 2 (received reward)
Bounty B Objective 2 (received reward)
Bounty A Objective 3 (received reward)
Bounty B Objective 3 (received reward)
Bounty A Objective 4 (final)(received reward)
Bounty B Objective 4 (final)(no reward)

I'm guessing the game's code found a "bounty complete trigger" between bounty A Objective 4 and that triggered and stopped bounty B objective 4 from awarding anything. After the final objective 4 for active bounty A was issued I still had the objective 4 for bounty B. I went and completed that objective (but as I said, no reward.) 

During my session (where I was host) The first objective of the bounty I had people rapidly joining and leaving just as the previous instance. Once I completed the first objective the joining/leaving stopped. No one ever really "joined" or loaded into my instance. I only saw names flying by on the right. I never saw anyone show up on the squad list (top left of screen). 

Yo, I heard you liked bounties so I put a bounty in your bounty so you can run bounties while you're bountying! (ya, I know... 😞


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