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K-Drive was not nameable upon assembly.


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I made feedback about this, but now know it is indeed a bug, so I'm making a topic here. Upon building a T1 K-Drive and paying the 5,000 credit cost, I received no prompt to name my K-Drive. Apparently, according to other users and posters on this forum/reddit, I'm not alone on this. I dunno if it was limited to people made K-Drives in the first few days after Fortuna's launch, but by scouring the internet and youtube I've found there is a large number of people who built or bought K-Drives and are stuck with the base name "K-Drive", presumably because like me they never received a prompt to name or even knew it was actually possible to name a K-Drive. And since Roky has no option to Gild or Rename K-Drives, I'm out of options.

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