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I love Garuda


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I've seen lots of people asking for changes to garuda. I was fully expecting people to want DE to nerf her because she feels so damn strong to me. Now here's how I use her:

First of all, I ignore her passive.

My build is focused on range and strength.

I start combat usually by getting energy through her 3, then use 2 on the first enemy in sight, heal up, 3 again, heal up again. Then I start pouncing. everything that moves I hit with the 1 until I built up enough damage relative to the enemy level so that I can charge here 1 to quickly double or tripple that damage and then drop that bomb right in the middle of the biggest horde I can find. It is extremely satisfying and pretty much scales with enemy levels since more damage recieved means more damage in the heart which means charging the damage will rise quicker and to larger amounts. Occasionally I use her 4, mostly when enemies are too spread out for her charged 1, but it doesn't compare damage wise to her one at least in the way built her and use her.

Gotta say I haven't had this much fun with a frame for a while and I hope, if DE makes any changes that this build I'm using will still be as effective and fun.

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