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Jiangshi, the memory of vengeance


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I doubt alot of people will look at this but I have hope it atleast gets some attention, considering we've always been outnumbered, why not turn the tables around for once?

Details would make this post even longer so I'll let a discussion sort out the more detailed balancing, but I'd say it would work, and with fortuna coming out and the almighty void jukebox being as vocal and annoying as ever revenge seems a pretty well timed concept.


Jiangshi, a frame full of revenge


Freezing fire

Jiangshi infuses her weapon with the mist of her breath, scorching it’s chassis, adding a deadly effect variable per weapon
Duration: 20 seconds
Cost: 50 energy
Damage bonus: 150%
Fire rate bonus: 150%
Life steal: 5%
Will improve a weapon's primary focused attribute to its limit
Gather round
Launches a hooked chain into an enemy, erupting outwards to all nearby before they are pulled in, damaged, and stunned
Duration: 5 seconds
Cost: 50 energy
Range (chain): 50 meters
Range (aoe): 10 meters
Damage: 200 (150 aoe)
Ashes and snow
Jiangshi mourns over the remains of lost brethren, holding them dear to her heart, inspiring their lifeless husks to rise once again from the forgotten ashes
Duration: 60 seconds
Cost: 100 energy
Husk count: 20
Husk health: 1500
Husk armor: 150
Husk damage: 200
Reincarnate cost: 75 energy
Jiangshi burns in hatred and vengeance for her allies, sacrificing her own health to fuel this rage, when enough blood is offered she, and her horde show their true, vengeful nature. Any who touch the aura of mist share the same hatred to her enemies, tap during the duration to drop your weapons and join the horde as their supreme, enraged commander
Duration: 60 seconds
Cost: 70% of max hp over 7 seconds
Speed multiplier: 1.5
Damage multiplier: 2
Radius: 35 meters
Linger duration: 10 seconds
Passive: for the horde
Allies in danger are protected by husks
Allies downed give a burst of health and status resistance
Helmet: a beak like visor and jaw mask locked together by magnetic locks, emotions and battle data shown on the outside, and will break open during rage to show a skinless technocyte face, baring long interlocking teeth and 4 ever searching eyes
Torso: the only visible female part of her, dressed in a crewman’s tightened suit, Shrouded by a long hooded cape with will burn at the ends during rage
Arms: thick plated and modified armor with a blade on each arm, shooting forward as she joins the horde or shooting out to form the grappling hook, spear-like interplated claws at each finger
Legs: modified and thick armor plated legs ending in squared mechanic feet, jet boosters and hydraulics on the back to allow much more force to be put on them
May they ignore her call, turn a deaf ear to her screams, continue their morbid extortion
For when the shadows in the mist arrive
All shall be judged by her gaze
Signature weaponry
Twin sangus: two modified crystal extractors loaded with sub zero argon crystals, which when released will easily find body heat.
The more crystals on a target at melting point the more violent the kinetic reaction.
Avilis: a wrist mounted hook launcher that fuses with the point location, used for exploration,  and can be used to pull objects close or jump to them
Gurodynamo: dual magnetized, high heel boots with razor sharp blades on each heel, jiangshi adores these for the sheer speed and brutality they offer
Finisher back: kick the target forward before crushing their head with the heel
Finisher front: drop kick the target, burying the blades deep into it’s stomach
Slide modifier: press one heel into the floor to leave a heated line behind, any enemy caught by the slide will take damage
Stance: dynamic mutilation
Lightning fast kicks and counter attacks ending in a supercharged blast
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