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The new Nagantaka Crossbow


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So I built this thing and now that I got my hands on it I was expecting it to be good. Decent crit, really good status and it's slash based. However to my surprise I didn't think it'd be this bad in testing. The fire rate and magazine size needs to be majorly buffed if it's gonna have a damage output so low that it can't kill level 30's on Fortuna in two hits for a crossbow.

Overall I'd suggest a good 200% damage buff in general for the weapon it does not feel powerful at all for a crossbow. Though I should have not fallen for the pretty looks and status/slash as all crossbows in this game have been a consistent let down. They don't feel like a middle ground between a bow and a semi auto rifle at all.

Anybody got any builds for this thing that they might have experienced it differently? 

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I am still 1 forma short to 3 V polarity, before any serious testing can be conducted.

Due to the high slash and high status chance, I am thinking of a hunter munitions + viral build.
The crit is kind of cringy since currently my Tiberon Prime on semi auto kills faster
than the Nagantaka simply because the over-crit from argon scope triggers hunter's munition almost every shot.

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