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Escaping Orb Vallis!


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I found another one!


As you can see I have escaped! If you find this one you're definitely trying to break the game but it's also not that difficult to find. 

And now the how to! First you go to the enrichment labs. Then locate the room in the image below with the weapon testing terminal.


If you trigger the console to the right in the image above the rifle will fire at the target and destroy it.

Then a bay door in the ceiling opens to bring in a new target so you can test it again as seen below.


When this happens jump on up there! The screen will go black but if you wall latch above the bay doors and wait for them to close you can jump right out of the map!


Be aware that it is easy to break the LOD (Level of Detail) system while out of the map which will cause the game to load into memory the majority of the map causing your memory usage to skyrocket. Potato pc's be ware.

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