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Orb Vallis fishing bug?


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So i've been having a bug in when i try to fish in orb vallis that makes the spear bounce of the water as if it was the regular floor, could you please fix this soon? how can i get the materials if the fishing mechanics dont allow me to do so.


Edit: i just noticed something else now, when you throw  the luminous dye it just disappears out of thin air when it hits the water,  what is up with that? is this also a bug?


Please dont tell me that there is some form of thin layer of ice.

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Adding to the report above, I've also encountered this bug and have recorded a video to illustrate.

Both the Plains spears and the Shock spears seem to be affected, but the issue only occurs for me on the surface Ponds - fishing in Lakes and the Caves seems to work fine.
The spears impact and retract upon hitting the water's surface, and baits / dyes also disappear as if on land.
If you can manage to duck under the water's surface, the spears throw just fine.
The issue also persists after leaving and re-entering the Orb Vallis.

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Having the same issue with the spear bouncing off coolant inside caves, more specifically the cave to the southeast of the spaceport. It's a beautiful cave, but when half of it bounces your spear it becomes extremely frustrating. The luminous dye also doesn't work half the time... fish aren't highlighted, rare fish more often than not. A fix would be greatly appreciated.


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