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Bug changing Bounty Tier in Orb Vallis


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So me and my brother and two random strangers were doing Bounties in Orb Vallis, we were doing missions for the rare mods, and got one on the first try, so we were going to change to the higher one.
Unfortunately one of the randoms got there first and restarted the same tier bounty. My brother canceled the bounty and started the higher tier, and even though i didn't accept it, he started the countdown.

What happened next was that me, and after asking the other two, i realized everyone but my brother still got the Level 3 rewards, while he got the lvl 4.

He was also the Host, not sure if that might come into play.

So basically run down of the action:

1. Start Tier 3 bounty and complete it.

2. Someone else starts the same bounty.

3. (As the host) Cancel it and start the T4 bounty.

4. Start the timer?

Result: Host (or player that changed the mission) gets the T4 reward, while others get the previous tier ones.

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