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Ivara bug with fishing spear and Dashwire


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I only found one post about this from back in May with no responses, so I'll make a new one.

So I figured, hey, why not use Dashwire to make it easier to fish.  Turns out, while Ivara is on Dashwire, she's constantly doing the throw animation and can't actually throw until the animation completes.  This wouldn't be as much of an issue... except that the fish scatter as soon as you hit the mouse button, meaning that they're gone by the time she actually throws.

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Old bug since Plains of Eidolon.  It has issues because the frame has to align funny to animate correctly before the throw.  This will give you a big pause before you throw as the game adjusts.

You can do it if you change your facing direction and avoid a lot of the lag but it's touchy. Don't expect this is high on the fix priority since it's one frame and it kinda breaks how fishing was intended to work.


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