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Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.5

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Thank you for the quick fishing fix and companion precepts being affected by Fetch. I can't wait to have more uses for Toroid and see more ranks with Vox Solaris. The foundation is set and the wait for the endgame continues!

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That fetch fix is really appreciated. Was having a hard time picking between easy pickup or cat buffs. Could you also look into Venari and fetch? Seems like it doesn't work on it, at least for clients

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Thanks for your continuous work on improving Fortuna for us, it is very well appreciated!

But there's still a few more issues that need to be addressed:
- Data keys in the hostage rescue stages sometimes can't be picked up while rolling down a slope
- Coildrive ambush stage HUD texts are still unlocalized, and depend on the hosts language setting
- Credit accumulation for assassination stages is sometimes quite fishy; either credit count resets, or doesn't count up at all
- In certain cases (which I can't reproduce), Archwings and K-Drives can't be deployed anymore in Orb Vallis until re-entering (this happens to me as Titania, so it might be related to Razorwing)
- The new Tek Gravity mod still doesn't seem to work

Further than that, Orb vallis bounties need a few adjustments IMHO:
- Coildrive ambushes currently take disproportionately longer than other bounties. Maybe clock down the timer just a little bit?
- Excavations feel quite imbalanced right now. With a low rate of cell spawns and excavators being able to take a lot of enemy fire, it feels like a chore rather than a challenge. I'd either increase cell drop rates or further decrease excavation timers, both while also adjusting excavator survivability appropiately.
- Dropship drop-offs during hostage rescue missions in the Enrichment Labs are quite off (with some units dropping off behind the mountain sometimes). They should be moved further inside the base.

Other than that, bounties are really great so far. I hope we soon can see some of the improvements on the Plains as well, like e.g. a Cetus agent giving bounties outside the gates 🙂

Keep up the great work!


EDIT: Seems like AW/K-Drive deployments and unlocalized text have been fixed, thank you 🙂

EDIT 2: Like @ExcaliburPrime already mentioned below, AW control scheme for open-world has changed to what corresponds the non-experimental controls in the options, which doesn't play good there... no more 360 rolls 😞

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Thanks for the hotfix.

Have you guys considered changing bounties to be able to award syndicate standing similarly to how doing syndicate missions can grant extra standing above the daily cap?  There's a lot of Fortuna content that's locked behind syndicates like kitgun parts, gilding, and even the materials required for Garuda are locked.  Low MR players have more difficulty raising their Solaris standing with the cap in place

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Sweet, I was wondering what was up with lakes deflecting bullets and spears.


And the elevator fix is huge, thank you! The same thing happened with Operators and the door to Cetus, and I'm glad this one was fixed as quickly as it was.

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Couple issues that still need to be addressed as well, please. 

-Dark Split Sword will not accept any other holster animation other than default.
-Dark Split Sword will not accept Dual Sword stances. It forcibly removes them. 
-Helios/Helios Prime will only scan enemies about 20% of the time on Orb Vallis. 

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