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Loki (Prime?) Sniper / Sniper Scope Invisible Bug (Video)


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I found a glitch that seemingly has already been discovered. However, what I found was back in September of 2015 and shared in a forum post

When using Loki Prime's invisibility, when you aim down sights with a Sniper Scope, your player model remains visible. This is very annoying to me, as someone who snipes in a lot of games, the movement of the animation and distortion of the background is a distraction to me, even if it doesn't affect the overall results of my shots and where they land. I am not sure if this is the case with normal Loki or any other of the invisible frames, as Loki Prime is the only invisible frame that I own. If someone has Loki or Ash and wants to test this, I'm eager to see if they get the same results I got.

I made a video detailing this bug and showing it off. 

I hope someone at DE notices this and can bring a fix to it soon. I'm not sure if this has been in the game since 2015 or if it was brought back with an update, but it is annoying to me regardless.

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